Requests / Fees

No information will be released on any case until the investigation is complete. When the case is closed, the following items will be released upon request. The cost shown is per report unless otherwise noted. Payment must be received in advance. Follow the E-Pay link below to pay electronically.

Fees for Requests Are as Follows

  • Covered by: IL Statue 55ILCS  5/4-7001 Coroner's Fees
  • Autopsy Reports: $50
  • Toxicology Reports: $25
  • Photos (available by subpoena only): $3 or actual cost, whichever is greater
  • Miscellaneous reports: $25
  • Transcript of sworn testimony: $5 per page
  • Verdict of the coroner's jury: $5
  • Cremation Permit: $100 (effective 7/1/2023)
  • Certification Letter: $15

The Illinois Fund E-Pay Electronic Payment Services Program Website

E-Pay is a convenient and easy way of paying for cremation permits and reports.