Domestic Violence

The LaSalle County State's Attorney's Office understands that victims of domestic violence deserve a specialized unit in the courthouse dedicated to holding offenders accountable for their actions. The domestic violence unit looks at each case individually to determine how to best find justice for victims of domestic violence. Our office automatically requests bond conditions to keep the offender away from the victim while the case is pending. Each victim is asked to meet with the prosecutors early on in the case to give additional information about the circumstances surrounding the crime and other relevant information. Our office is willing to take on the responsibility of prosecuting these cases even if the victim is reluctant due to fear. In all of our cases, we are looking for the offender to be held accountable for his or her actions. We do this through incarceration, fines, probationary periods, and requiring completion of domestic violence counseling. Our attorneys work closely with both the Victim/Witness coordinator in our office as well as court advocates from domestic violence services to ensure that the concerns and needs of the victim are met.

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