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Assigning House Numbers in Rural Areas

LaSalle County's system of assigning house numbers in rural areas. Dead-end or cul-de-sac roads are identified by the co-ordinate location of the connection with a public road and is assigned the number "9" as the final digit. The general location of a road with one entrance and exit would be of little value since access is only provided at one point. A dead-end road extending from an incorporated area will bear the identity of the point where it becomes a rural road.

This system of road identification provides a method of assigning a house number to every house in the rural area without any duplication of numbers. A house number is a combination of the distance the entrance is from the reference axis (either the county base or county meridian line) and the road number. For example, a house located on an east-west road identified at N 17th Road where the house is a distance of nineteen and one-quarter miles east of the county meridian, then the location would be as follows: 1925 - N 17th Road. To further identify the location of the house and to provide enough latitude in the numbering system to number every 100 foot lot we have assigned odd numbers to dwellings on the north and west side of the roads, and even numbers to those on the south and east side of the roads.