IEPA Delegation

The LaSalle County Land Use Department conducts inspections on solid waste issues throughout the County, under the delegated authority of the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency. As a delegated county for the IEPA, this Department conducts inspections on both permitted facilities (landfills, transfer stations, compost facilities) and non-permitted facilities (open dumping sites and open burn sites) to ensure compliance of the Illinois Environmental Protection Act.

It is illegal to open dump garbage and other materials or open burn anything other than landscape waste generated on-site.

Violations of the Act are adjudicated, with minimum $1500 fines per offense, through the Illinois Pollution Control Board.

Additional Open Burning Information (PDF)


Much of the municipal waste that is generated in LaSalle County is delivered and disposed of at LandComp Landfill. LandComp Landfill is located at 2840 East 13th Road, just west of Ottawa. This landfill was sited and permitted to accept municipal waste in 1998. The projected lifespan of the fill when it was opened was approximately 30 years. The life of a land fill is generally assessed with the term "air space". Each year assessments are conducted to evaluate the amount of "air space" remaining at the fill. According to the last evaluation conducted by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, Land Comp Landfill will continue to accept waste until the year 2038. This information is published in the Nonhazardous Solid Waste Management and Landfill Capacity in Illinois report. The entire report can be reviewed on the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency website.