What can I do if I don’t have transportation?

No one is excused for lack of transportation. You would need to make arrangements for transportation.

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1. What are the requirements to serve as a juror?
2. How will I know if I need to report for jury service?
3. If I am needed to report, which courthouse do I report to and where do I park?
4. Will I be paid for my jury service?
5. When will I be paid for jury service?
6. What do I need to bring for my jury service?
7. What can I do if I don’t have transportation?
8. What is the proper dress attire for jury service?
9. May I bring a lunch?
10. What am I allowed to bring to jury service?
11. When will jurors be dismissed for the day?
12. What happens if you fail to appear for jury service?
13. Are employers required to pay employees while on jury service?
14. My employer will need documentation that I came in for jury service. Will I be able to show my employer I was there for jury duty?
15. Does my employer have the right to terminate or penalize me for performing my American right as a juror?
16. How often can a person be called for jury service in LaSalle County?
17. Why do I get summoned more than every three years? (It seems like I get these every year.)
18. Why do I keep getting summonses from LaSalle County when I moved to another county?
19. Can I bring someone with me for jury service?
20. Why do I have to pay postage to return my questionnaire?