Property Fraud Alert System

Property Fraud Alert SystemSign up for LaSalle County Property Fraud Alerts online.

Preventing mortgage fraud and identity theft is extremely important to your LaSalle County Recorder's office. Unfortunately, it has become all too easy for a criminal to record a fraudulent deed, making it appear as if they own your home. Once this step is complete, they can use your home as collateral on a mortgage or even attempt to sell your home to an unsuspecting buyer. The LaSalle County Recorder's office has taken a proactive step to provide you with one tool for staying ahead of criminals who prey on property owners. For your protection, consider subscribing to our free Property Fraud Alert Service for real-time monitoring and notification of any documents recorded with your name. Your security does matter to us.

The following are suggestions should you feel possible fraudulent activity has taken place via this notification:

  • Contact any other parties whose names may be on the document
  • Other parties may be aware of the document and the referenced property or may have mutual concern about the document's potential impact.
  • Contact your attorney
  • If you are not sure about the purpose of the referenced document, a private attorney may be able to determine impact and possible action in a timely fashion and minimize the damage and inconvenience of a fraudulent document.
  • Contact your lending institution
  • If you believe possible fraudulent activity has taken place, contacting your bank, mortgage company, or lending institution in a timely fashion may help your cause.

We would like to hear about your experience with the Property Fraud Alert website and your suggestions on how we can make the service better and of greater value to you and others. Email Property Fraud Alert with feedback.