Courtroom Live Stream

Zoom Virtual Court Proceeding

The Judges at the Downtown Courthouse in LaSalle County have chosen to use Zoom for remote court appearances.


  • Remember that Zoom Virtual Court is a formal court proceeding.  Treat it as if you were present in the courtroom in front of the Judge.
  • Video or audio recording of this proceeding by any party (other than the Court) through any device or format is strictly prohibited.
  • Arrive on time and dressed appropriately for a Court proceeding.  Remove hats and sunglasses.
  • Absolutely no smoking, vaping, or eating is allowed during the proceeding.
  • Remain in a quiet area with minimal background noise/distractions and be sure that your camera background is Court-appropriate.  Children, animals, and parties who are not involved in the case should not be present with you and during the proceeding.
  • There may be multiple cases and participants on the Zoom Virtual Court call.  please mute yourself until your case is called and unmute yourself once your case is called.  Please practice with mute/unmute and camera features before you attend Zoom Virtual Court.

Failure to comply with these Rules may result in the imposition of sanctions or a
finding of contempt of Court.

Here is the list of Meeting ID's and a link to YouTube:

Courtroom 204 - Judge Jason A. Helland

Courtroom 206 - Small Claims Court

Courtroom 300 - Judge Todd L. Martin

Courtroom 305 - Judge Troy D. Holland

Courtroom 407 - Judge Michelle A. Vescogni

Courtroom 410 - Judge Karen C. Eiten