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The Election Authority is providing the election results on this web page as a public service. Major effort has been expended to make this page an accurate source of information. However, the Internet is both volatile and diverse. The correct configuration and error-free operation of all hardware and software used to access this page are beyond the reasonable control of the Election Authority. The Election Authority and her employees, vendors, and business associates accept no responsibility for erroneous or incomplete election results viewed on or derived from this page or any real or perceived damages resulting from the use of this page.

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Election Results

Public Act 94-1000 has created Grace Period Voting, Early Voting, and Central Count of absentee ballots. Therefore, on Election Day all Early Voted Ballots, Grace Period Ballots, and Absentee Ballots will be counted at the County Clerk's Office. Statute further requires these ballots to be tabulated after 7 pm on election night. Representatives of the two major political parties will be present for the tabulation. The results of the tabulation of these ballots will be added to the Election Day voted ballots as all precincts are reported from the regional reporting sites.

Additionally, Provisional Ballots determined to be valid, and mailed Absentee Ballots postmarked before Election Day and received in the office of the County Clerk up to 14 days after the election will be counted on the 14th day after the election. Results become official after validating and counting of the Provisional Ballots and the counting of mailed Absentee Ballots postmarked before Election Day and received by the County Clerk within 14 days of Election Day and after a canvass of the results has been conducted by the LaSalle County Canvassing Board.

On election night, vote totals are periodically updated.

Questions may be directed to the LaSalle County Clerk's Office at 815-434-8202.

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LaSalle County, Illinois
April 4, 2023, Consolidated Election