The County Auditor examines all bills, reimbursements, and requests for payment made by the various county departments. These requests for payment are audited for accuracy and legitimacy, making sure there is a hands-on review of all monies spent. Annually the County Auditor audits more than 40,000 bills for goods and services, totaling in excess of $75 million dollars.


The County Auditor maintains a complete record of all contracts and agreements entered into, and expenditures made, by all LaSalle County Departments.

Conserving Your Tax Dollars

The County Auditor identifies wasteful spending practices and weak internal control procedures and recommends corrective action. These internal controls are in place to make sure that fraud and theft never occur in LaSalle County.

Improving Government Operations

The County Auditor performs independent internal audits of county departments to identify ways of providing LaSalle County taxpayers with better services and improved controls at less cost.

Assuring Accountability for Assets

The County Auditor tracks assets with a value of over $15,000 and all computer and IT-related items no matter the cost. These lists are audited and updated annually for better control of county-owned property. LaSalle County owns in excess of $90million dollars in fixed assets. These figures are used to determine replacement costs should the county experience a catastrophic loss.

Reporting on LaSalle County Finances

The County Auditor issues a year-to-date report on LaSalle County finances each quarter and a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report at the end of each fiscal year.